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Ingredient prices have fluctuated continuously over the past few years. With this new calculator, you won't need to change the prices in each of your recipe cards. You change the price in ONE place and ALL calculations will be updated AUTOMATICALLY!

A HUGE time saver for you!

Plus, it now includes an inventory value calculator! 

This spreadsheet in Excel file (you must have Excel installed on your computer) will allow you to determine the cost of your recipes by inserting your ingredients and packaging, weight and purchase price. The cost will also cover the cost of labor.

Also includes a chart to help you determine your tiered selling prices.

The mathematical formula boxes are locked to prevent you from erasing or modifying them by mistake, thus distorting your results. Only the boxes in yellow can be edited.

In the spreadsheet you will find:

- Instructions to use the calculator properly

- Tab for perishable products with calculator of the value of your inventory.

- Tab for non-perishable products/packaging with calculator of the value of your inventory.

- Tab to calculate the cost price of your recipes (choose your ingredients/packaging using a drop-down list which is attached to the perishable products/non-perishable/packaging products tab) as well as the selling prices according to your profit margins desired at several levels. (This sheet can be duplicated as many times as desired; Instructions given).

This is a downloadable product, no physical product will we shipped to you. Due to the nature of digital files, I do not accept refunds or exchanges because the product can not be returned to me. However, please let me know if you have any issues with the files you purchased.

You may not sell or share this files or any part of the files; make another digital file with any part of this original file; claim this file as your own. Copyright does not transfer ownership to the purchaser.

Thank you for protecting my work.

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