I recently wrote an article for the online school blog Le sucre au four which deals with the subject of edible printing. So if you have any questions on the subject, this article will be very useful to you!

In this article, I explain the difference between the papers offered on the market and their use.

I also talk to you about where you purchase some (elsewhere than at my boutique ;P).

Then, I explain to you how to keep your images once you have bought them and in the end, what it is good to know before equipping yourself with an edible printing system.

If you were looking for questions to these answers, it is certainly in this article that you will find them. I'll leave you without further delay the link here (take note that the article is only in french): https://lesucreaufour.com/tout-savoir-sur-limpression-comestible/

And as always, if you have any unanswered questions; you just have to submit them to me. I will be happy to answer them!

See you soon!

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Marie-Josée 20-10-2022 08:18
Bonjour Je suis une nouvelle grand-mère et j’aimerais m’acheter une imprimante comestible. Je sais que je devrai faire des impressions à chaque semaine. Je cherche une imprimante qualité/prix pour usage personnel et qui serait compatible avec des cartouches faciles à acheter. Que me conseillez-vous? Merci
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