To make it more fun?

What tasks do you do out of obligation, but for which you no longer derive any pleasure or perhaps that you have never had pleasure doing?

But that you kind of don't have a ''choice'' (although in my opinion, we always have a choice, but it's to accept the consequence of the choice. Let's leave it there for now. lol) to do.

For my part, if we refer to my business, last summer I cut my presence on social networks in half, because it felt ''heavy'' especially in terms of energy.

And I surfed this new procedure for several months.

Recently the heaviness has started to return.

And then I asked myself what can I change? How could I can I make it fun again?

I could have made the choice to simply no longer publish, but that too didn't taste good.

I also navigate social networks to entertain myself and I saw more and more videos, stories and reels. I love it, I find it funny, informative and entertaining.

But then, am I really going to try this myself?

The girl who wasn't even comfortable putting a picture of herself on the walls of her own house a few months ago?

And there, I was thinking that maybe I could make videos and publish them on the web; where they will be accessible to everyone!

I've been working on getting rid of my beliefs and my fears for 2 years now, so immediately after the micro-fraction of doubts and questions in my head (but which at the time seems endless), I said to myself: ''HELL YEAH! I'm going to try it, because after all when I'm alone at home, I love to put on a show in front of my cat who looks at me with her big green eyes!''

So in the end, I like it... what limited me was my fears and a feeling of impostor (HA! HA!, there it is!). What if people say to themselves: ''Check her out! Who does she think she is?

And if there really are people who say that to themselves; honestly, I don't really care.

I know it gives me pleasure and it adds fun to my days and that's how I decide to live my life, period.

So all this to tell you that I started doing it 2-3 weeks ago and I'm having so MUCH FUUUUUN!

And if ever, one day I don't love doing it anymore, I will reassess my approach! That my friend, feels sweet and good!

How about you? Where would you like to add sweetness? And what's stopping you?

If you know or feel that you need change, but you just can't see the how, I have my 3 options to offer you:

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