When I was very young, people would tell me and others all the time. Maybe it was the truth or maybe I just didn't feel like interacting at the time with whoever was in front of me.

Do we really always have to interact with others so that you don't get labeled as shy?

By dint of having it repeated, we appropriate it as a the ultimate truth. And then it even serves as an excuse and we hide behind it.

At one point, I was so shy that I couldn't even call the restaurant on the phone to order myself a pizza! It's not even a joke there.

If I had an oral presentation to make, I was sick just thinking of it for weeks in advance.

Even as an adult, I remember my first virtual networking session, I almost ''choked'' because I knew that I would have to present myself and speak in public.

Can you imagine the number of things I avoided in my life just to not have to live with this stress that I felt came from the situation (but which, in the end, it was I who created it ).

Now I realize that the label was not mine.

I just obediently accepted and carried it.

And I don't blame those who gave it to me. It was almost to protect me: ''oh! leave it, she's shy!''

Today, I tell you this: ''I am neither shy nor extroverted (but I can be too if I want to).''

''I'm just myself and I don't need a label.''

Do you also wear labels?

Are you ready to get rid of it?

Would you like to be accompanied in your process?

If so, that's good, I have 2 options to offer you:

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