You have to take care of yourself!

We get it repeated, but do you really know what takes care of you?

To help you find out, I have a little exercise for you!

Make a list of 20 things that really take care of you that vary from a few minutes to an entire weekend! And without constraint of money or resources.

For my part, the first time I was offered to do this exercise... at the time I thought it was going to be super easy, but in the end after 3 things written on my list, it was the total nil! ????

It hits hard when you realize you want to take care of yourself, but don't even know how to do it! Because you don't even know what makes you really happy.

Is it easy for you?

Here is part of my list, it may inspire you:

1. Listening to a song (and often I'll sing it too ????‍♀️) that really makes me high! (You know, the song that goes on at a party, and you're the first one on the dance floor!)

2. Read a novel.

3. Take a nice hot bath with lots of foam (all alone with the door locked!) and it's a double if I do like Julia Roberts in ''Pretty Woman''.

4. Take a drive (and sing along, of course!)

5. Dance my ass off as if my life depended on it to my favorite song!

6. Playing a video game (especially Mario Bros! Yes, I love it! You know, I'm the kind of player who finishes the ''cassette'' (oh! boy, I'm not getting any younger here???? ) at 120%.

7. Go to my garden shed, start a good fire and sip my coffee!

8. Do a puzzle (by the way, it's been a long time since I did one!)

9. Sunbathing.

10. Ordering a restaurant, to have time off from cooking supper ????

I'll leave you to your list and if you want to push the exercise further, you can make the same kind of list, but for what takes care of your couple (if you are in a couple, of course!) Ask the same thing to your partner and compare your answers. It's a very nice way to create beautiful discussions and know how to maintain your relationship ????

Alright, I'll leave you there for real!

P.S. If you ever really can't do it and/or would like to be accompanied in your process; I have 2 options for you:

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