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We use edible inks to print on these fabric sheet FlexFrost. They are very flexible allowing to created a variety of 3d creation such as bows, bow ties, draps, ruffles and much more! Kept the leftovers to make edible lace with it by simply adding a bit of water to create a paste.

Send us your picture montage in pdf or doc. You can also send us the images/pictures in jpeg, png or gif and specify the dimensions for each (4 images included with the print, additional charges of 1$/image for the creation of the montage) by email at or by messenger.

***Please note that we do not guarantee color accuracy. This remains food and certain shades and colors are difficult to achieve. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience***

Shipping Fees: 6.00 $ (no matter how many sheets you order)

Creations made by Véronique Lecours

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