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Edible ink refill for Canon brings the best color on your cakes at a great value!

Set of 4 120 ml (4oz) bottles (CMYK) of edible ink for Canon only. Ink4Cakes formula assures purity and high quality inks.
FDA compliant, Kosher, Gluten free, Vegan and allergen free. 

Edible Inks are a food coloring mixture used to print onto frosting or icing sheets. The colors are matched with regular inks and then modified to hold their coloring better on the icing sheets.
The correct amount of non-alcohol vanilla extract is added to allow for inks being used in Canon edible printers. Our edible ink refill bottles will save you on your edible images printing cost without having to buy new cartridges each time.

Each bottle offers up to 12-14 refills (make sure not to overfill ink cartridge in order to avoid print head damages), we would recommend maximum of 5 refills per cartridge to preserve print quality and avoid bacterias development. 

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