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***Both products are in FRENCH***

Here is the opportunity to purchase my 2 favorites tools to help you in your business at a very special price.

First product is my Ebook. WOOHOO!  

In this ebook, you'll get to learn about the following subjets:

- Energy management for good planning;

- The retrograde method to properly plan your schedule;

- How to calculate the cost price of its products;

- Inventory;

- Taxes: finally find your way;

- Consistency in its procedures;

- Take care of yourself for a solid foundation.

This 25-page ebook is packed with super-relevant information that will help you progress in your sweet business.

It also includes a little surprise at the end!

The second product is my famous spreadsheet to help you find out your real product cost and to accordingly price it. 

Spreadsheet is in french. Only yellow boxes can be modified, all the others have been protected to make sure no calculationsare altered.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

This is a downloadable product, no physical product will we shipped to you. Due to the nature of digital files, I do not accept refunds or exchanges because the product can not be returned to me. However, please let me know if you have any issues with the files you purchased.

You may not sell or share this files or any part of the files; make another digital file with any part of this original file; claim this file as your own. Copyright does not transfer ownership to the purchaser.

Thank you for protecting my work.

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