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Chocolate Mold 3D Basket 4'' by Ck Products
Finished 3D basket is 3" x 4" x 3"2 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 1..
Chocolate Mold 3D Bunny Rabbit 6'' by Ck Products
Finished 3D bunny is 4" x 6" x 1½"2 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 1 soli..
Chocolate Mold 3D Cracked Egg 3¾'' by Ck Products
Finished 3D egg is 3¾" x 2¾" x 2½"2 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately&n..
Chocolate Mold 3D Duck 3½'' by Ck Products
Larger piece is 3½'' X 3 '' X 2'' deep This mold is not used for candy centers.Suitab..
Chocolate Mold 3D Large Hollow Flop Earned Bunny by Ck Products
Finished 3D Bunny 7" x 2½" x 2½"2 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 1&n..
Chocolate Mold Assorted Creams Bars by Ck Products
Rectangle 1¼" x 2" x ⅝"     Round 1¼" Diameter x ⅝" Depth8 cavities pe..
Chocolate Mold Belgium Cream by Ck Products
Each piece is  1½" Diameter x ¾" Depth8 cavities per mold.This mold makes approx..
Chocolate Mold Bunny Rabbit with Bow 3½'' by Ck Products
Each piece is 1¾" x 3½" x ½"5 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 12 pieces pe..
Chocolate Mold Button Assortment by Ck Products
Smallest button is ⅜" diameter x ⅛" depth          ..
Chocolate Mold Candy Cup 1½ by Ck Products
Each piece is 1½" Diameter x ⅝" Depth11 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximate..
Chocolate Mold Candy Cup 2⅛ by Ck Products
Each piece is 2⅛" Diameter x ½" Depth6 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximatel..
Chocolate Mold Christmas Assortment - Mistletoe & Sleigh by Ck Products
Pieces range from mistletoe ⅞" x ½" x ⅛"  to  sleigh 1⅝" x 1¼" x ¼"14 cavities per mo..
Chocolate Mold Christmas Assortment - Tree & Santa by Ck Products
Pieces range from Tree 1" x 1¼" x ¼"  to  Santa 1¼" x 1¾" x ½"16 cavities per mold.Th..
Chocolate Mold Christmas Assortment by Ck Products
Peices ranges from soldier ¾" x 1¾" x ¼"  to  Train 1⅜" x 1" x ¼"14 cavities per mold..
Chocolate Mold Christmas Assortment Chocolat Mint by Ck Products
Each piece is 1⅝" Diameter x ½" Depth8 cavities per mold.This mold makes approximately 60 ..
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