Bowl Scrapper
3-3/4"x 5-3/4"Flexible yet sturdy plastic.Works well for scraping counters clean, cleaning pans and ..
Cake Measuring Tape by Wilton
Measure cakes for easy placement of accents and borders.One tape fits a 10 inch round cake.Join tape..
Decorating brush set by Wilton
This set contains 5 brushesA wide/flat brushA angled flat brushA small flat brushA round brushA line..
Dough Cutter Fat Daddio's
Dough Cutter20 cm x 13.5 cm..
Dusting Brush set by Wilton
These soft, synthetic bristles are food-safe and shaped to be used with Color Dust and Pearl Dust (s..
Fondant & Gum paste tool set by Wilton
Wilton-Fondant & Gum Paste Tool Set. Creating beautiful fondant and gum paste flowers and decora..
Large Diamond Quilter Marker
4 cm x 4.5 cm..
Modeling stick set by Wilton
Add shape and details easily to fondant and gum paste decorations.This set includes 2 modeling stick..
Petal Mosaic Maker
30.99$ 14.99$
3 cm x 4 cm..
PME Set of 2 Closed Scallop Serrated Metal Crimpers Sugarcraft Cake Decorating
Quick and versatile way for decorating sugarpaste and marzipan surfaces Crimping must always be work..
Ribbon Cutter by Wilton
Tool allowing you to make ribbons of three different patterns ranging from 0.25 to 1 inch (6 mm to 2..
Rolling pin guide rings by Wilton
Roll out fondant and gum paste for cutting, shaping and decorating. Guide rings create precise depth..
Silverwhite Brush Size 0
For painting fine cookie details...Silverwhite Brush Size 0 has a wooden handle. Before fi..
Silverwhite Brush Size 00
For painting fine cookie details...Silverwhite Brush Size 00 has a wooden handle. Before first and a..
Silverwhite Brush Size 00000
For painting fine cookie details...Silverwhite Brush Size 00000 has a wooden handle. Before first an..
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